Random Thoughts

Transformative Potential

To some degree, learning is always going to be connected to the personal motivation and abilities of each student. But if you have students who are willing to learn, then I see a lot of transformative potential in digital approaches.

As an example, Twine sounds like a great application, and I’m looking forward to learning more about it and what I could do with it in my writing classes. It seems to give the students agency to craft stories or other types of writing in new ways that can challenge them to look at things differently.

In terms of what we have currently used in class, the use of blogs to give students ownership of their writing, and yet, also provide a public forum to share with others, has a lot of value. Students can take pride in putting their work online, and yet, they don’t have to worry about sending it to some digital box in a learning management system that will close and never reopen.