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Digital Tools for Teaching

I have been challenged a lot, especially by CSS, this week, but this is definitely a week of firsts for me. It’s the first time I’ve created a podcast, the first time I’ve used codes to set up a website, and it’s the first time I’ve used Twine! Exploring the applications for reclaim hosting was also helpful as I see what else is available to use.

Since there have been so many firsts this week, it’s a great feeling to have completed so many new tasks. I’m still doing some work on my website and on Twine though, because there’s so much that can be done on them. I’m really enjoying Twine.¬†When I turn my attention back to my classes for the fall, I want to begin creating opportunities to use a wiki and to use Twine. Those tools are the ones I have most quickly seen opportunities for, but I’m hoping to use my website as well.

I want to use digital practice more in my classes to give my students a new kind of responsibility and agency with their work. I believe if they know their work will be online, where others can see it, then it will impact how they look at assignments. They should also come to experience the confidence like what I have gained from embracing challenges of technology this week!

4 thoughts on “Digital Tools for Teaching

  1. I agree that this has definitely been a week of firsts for me too! And I love the idea of using Twine in the classroom. I would love to use this as well.

  2. Amanda, it definitely has been a challenging week! I think twine is a great way to bring technology into the classroom because it forces students to consider audience, content, presentation, while they are learning to manipulate text and style through HTML and CSS. It kind of lumps together a lot of things we’ve been working on this week. Twine is also a fun assignment for students because they can customize it any way they want, and its a nice break from the typical powerpoint presentations they are often assigned.

  3. Good luck using Twine with your students! My 12-year-old daughter was so excited to hear that I was learning to use it and we have plans to practice and create with it over the summer. She likes that she can make choices and that “wrong” answers are out there – like it’s a game to avoid finding them – but that there’s always the option to return to a previous step or the beginning.

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